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Llenadora Kenwei de China

Llenadora Kenwei de China

Llenadora Kenwei de China
  • Llenadora Kenwei de China
  • Llenadora Kenwei de China
  • Llenadora Kenwei de China
  • Llenadora Kenwei de China

Llenadora Kenwei de China

Pesadora multicabezal de alta velocidad de 16 cabezales con rampas de alimentación de dos pisos y tolvas agregadas dobles de alta velocidad de alimentación alternativa, lo que aumenta en gran medida la velocidad de los materiales de pesaje ...
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Pesadora multicabezal de alta velocidad de 16 cabezales con rampas de alimentación de dos pisos y dos tolvas de agregado de alta velocidad de alimentación alternativa, lo que aumenta enormemente la velocidad de los materiales de pesaje. La velocidad máxima de pesaje puede alcanzar 180 paquetes por minuto. Es adecuado para materiales en partículas con buena fluidez, como té, hierbas medicinales chinas, glutamato monosódico, esencia de pollo, etc.

Características del producto

  • 01
    Alta precisión y celda de carga a medida;
  • 02
    Modo estable de muestreo múltiple inteligente, mayor precisión;
  • 03
    Diagnóstico inteligente de alarmas;
Llenadora Kenwei de China-1
  • 04
    Función de descarga escalonada de alta velocidad;
  • 05
    Tecnología de bus modular y CAN, más eficiente y estable;
  • 06
    Protocolo de comunicación de la industria Modbus.

producto característica

Llenadora Kenwei de China-2
1.. Conducto de descarga de doble capa con tolvas de sincronización de alta velocidad dobles máquinas de envasado de alimentos    a su vez, supere los problemas de velocidad de descargar el tiempo de alimentación del canal;
Llenadora Kenwei de China-3
2. El cuerpo de la máquina en forma de arco con tratamiento R grande mejora la estabilidad y la apariencia;
Llenadora Kenwei de China-4
3.Los estándares de diseño uniformes y el procesamiento de moldes contribuyen a una mejor intercambiabilidad para piezas de repuesto;
Llenadora Kenwei de China-5
4. El diseño estable del actuador reduce la vibración mecánica y mejora la precisión del valor de la celda de carga;  
5. El marco integral de la máquina y el gabinete de la máquina contribuyen a una mayor estabilidad y mayor precisión.

Especificación técnica




Código de identificación


Rango de pesaje



X (0.5)

Máxima velocidad

180P / M

Volumen de la tolva


Panel de control

Pantalla táctil de 10.1 ''


Placa de hoyuelos / tolva de sincronización / impresora / dispositivo de rechazo

Sistema de conducción

Motor paso a paso

Requisitos de energía

220V / 1500W / 50 / 60Hz / 10A

Dimensión de embalaje (mm)

1250 (L) * 1070 (W) * 960 (H)

Peso bruto



Llenadora Kenwei de China-6

    Es adecuado para pesar gránulos pequeños como semillas, té, granos de café, etc. .

There are careful material selections in Kenwei conveyor packing machines manufacture. The materials are selected mainly in consideration of the force exerted on the element and the production cost. Its color is not easy to fade over time
Kenwei filling machine is produced resorting to sophisticated manufacturing techs. They are mainly 2D/3D design tools, CAD technology, CAM tech, and Gait balance analysis tech. Its pattern and texture are highly customizable
The manufacture of Kenwei filling machine complies with some basic garment standards. These standards are GB Standards, European Standards, AATCC, ASTM, and ISO. Its foldable kickstand offers a convenient hands-free viewing experience
The quality of Kenwei conveyor packing machines is ensured. Its compliance is checked based on US, EU, and dozens of other specific standards including ISO, EN 581, EN1728, EN-1335, and EN 71. The strong magnetic closure keeps phones firmly in place
Kenwei conveyor packing machines involves various professional manufacturing processes. It has undergone a pre-analysis of gait balance, 3D scanning of foot type, CAD pattern design, machining, and surface & edges trimming. The product has an advantage of heat dissipation
This product is very resistant to deformation. It can withstand repeated stretching because of its excellent fatigue durability. The product provides phones with both protection and stylish appearance
This product features good colorfastness. Its fabric is able to retain the original color after a long time of use and many washing. It features a classic and vintage-style design
This product is attracting attention due to its durability. It can withstand hundreds of repeatability and reproducibility without any system failure. It features a classic and vintage-style design
The product features high efficiency. It is able to perform tasks at a high speed and is capable of delivering results within short periods of time. Its anti-skid design makes the mobile phone not easy to slip out of hands
It is not prone to burn out due to excessive temperatures. It is designed with a temperature protection system to prevents internal components. With reliable magnet closure, the product is easy to open and close
This product has excellent strength and elongation. A certain amount of elastomer is added to the fabric to enhance the tear resistance of the fabric. It's just like a layer of skin for mobile phones
With such a variety of characteristics, especially the beautiful natural wood grains, the product is often the top choice for many building owners. With reinforced corners, the product offers all-around protection
This product provides a high-quality viewing experience so it is worth the investment when designing a custom projection system. Its humanized design makes users feel comfortable to grip
The product is able to change the layout of the room in moments and ensures floor space is used efficiently. The product is easy to open just like a book
The product is safe for people to use. People can trust the fact that it does not have any electrolyte leakage or electric leakage problems which is dangerous for them. Its pattern and texture are highly customizable
Modern people can resort to this product to help them reduce carbon footprint, while at the same time, cut their energy consumption. The product is a great choice for a businessman to project a smarter and professional look
People can assure that the product fits their electricity supply system. They do not have to change their circuits to make it adapt to the grid. The product is 100% handmade with an elegant looking
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