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Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei

Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei

Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei
  • Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei
  • Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei
  • Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei
  • Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei
  • Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei
  • Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei
  • Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei

Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei

Kenwei peanut packaging equipment is produced in a scientific way. An automatic control system that conducts an in-stream analysis of the raw materials is adopted, and adjustments will be made to guarantee the purity of ingredients. Its reinforced stitching makes it more durable in use
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La báscula de pesaje de combinación estándar es un equipo de pesaje con cinco tipos de selección, que incluyen 10, 12 y 14 cabezales. La velocidad máxima de pesaje de 14 básculas combinadas puede llegar a 120 bolsas por minuto. La báscula de pesaje de combinación estándar tiene una amplia gama de pesaje, adecuada para dulces, semillas de melón, gelatina, congelación y otros materiales, es el producto de pesaje de combinación más popular de Kenwei.

Características del producto

  • 01
    Adopte una celda de carga de alta precisión y alta precisión de marca famosa, la resolución se mejora hasta 2 decimales
  • 02
    La función de recuperación del programa puede reducir las fallas de operación y soportar el peso de múltiples segmentos calibración
  • 03
    La función de pausa automática de ningún producto puede mejorar la estabilidad y precisión del pesaje
Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei-1
  • 04
    La capacidad de 100 programas puede cumplir con varios requisitos de pesaje y el menú de ayuda fácil de usar contribuye a una operación sencilla
  • 05
    La amplitud lineal se puede ajustar de forma independiente en el funcionamiento
  • 06
    Muchos idiomas disponibles para mercados globales

producto característica

Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei-2
1. La tolva de 1.6L / 2.5L, adecuada para todo tipo de materiales estándar comunes, se puede utilizar ampliamente
Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei-3
2.   El proceso de fabricación de moldes y los estándares de diseño uniformes contribuyen a una mejor intercambiabilidad de repuestos     partes
Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei-4
3.   El tipo de pesaje para la detección de material está disponible, lo que puede hacer un control preciso del tiempo de alimentación. &    espesor del material y garantizar la precisión del pesaje
Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei-5
4.   El soporte intermedio de aluminio engrosado mejora la resistencia de la máquina, haciendo que el tiempo para     tolvas estabilizadoras mucho más cortas

Especificación técnica






Código de identificación




Rango de pesaje





X (0,5)

X (0,5)

X (0,5)

Máxima velocidad

65P / M

65P / M

120P / M

Volumen de la tolva

1.6 / 2.5L

Panel de control

Pantalla táctil de 7 ''


Placa de hoyuelos / Tolva de sincronización / Impresora / Dispositivo de rechazo

Sistema de conducción

Motor paso a paso

Requisitos de energía

220V / 1000W / 50 / 60Hz / 10A

220V / 1200W / 50 / 60Hz / 10A

220V / 1500W / 50 / 60Hz / 10A

Dimensión del embalaje (mm)

1620 (largo) * 1100 (ancho) * 1110 (alto)

1700 (largo) * 1100 (ancho) * 1130 (alto)

1700 (largo) * 1100 (ancho) * 1265 (alto)

Peso bruto


430 kg

490 kg


Fábrica de básculas de paquetes Kenwei-6

Es adecuado para pesar alimentos de ocio como dulces, semillas, gelatina, alimentos para mascotas, alimentos hinchados, pistacho, cacahuetes, nueces, pasas, etc. y nueces de cáscara grande, hardware, frutas secas, alimentos congelados, bocadillos, albóndigas, etc. .

Kenwei package scale has a fine design. Factors such as proportion and properties constitute its essential distinction among the same kind of products. Its construction is strong enough to protect the mobile phone screen
Before Kenwei package scale is shipped, it will be professionally inspected. The product checked carefully for its every specification to ensure it suits the phone models that customers require. Its pattern and texture are highly customizable
The necessary tests on Kenwei package scale must be conducted. It has passed EMF (electromagnetic fields) tests according to EN 62233, environmental tests (climatic, impact, vibrations, IP rating), and on-site tests. With reinforced corners, the product offers all-around protection
The tests for Kenwei peanut packaging equipment cover a wide range. It has to undergo tests include raw material testing (e.g. glow wire test, needle flame), chemical hazards testing, and current leakage testing. It's just like a layer of skin for mobile phones
The designers of Kenwei peanut packaging equipment combine the ergonomic philosophy with the foot orthopedic, aiming to create the most comfortable product which fits human's feet. The product is a great choice for a businessman to project a smarter and professional look
With its performance being peanut packaging equipment, package scale is highly recommended by our costumers. This product is mainly exported to Japan, Europe, and the United States
Our concentrations on the design of peanut packaging equipment has worked out finally. Its color is not easy to fade over time
package scale is integrated the functions of package scale. The product is waterproof, extending the service life of mobile phones
Kenwei also adopts eco-friendly materials to guarantee the zero pollution of peanut packaging equipment. Made of high quality PU, it is anti-scratch and anti-shock
package scale shows advantages in peanut packaging equipment, and therefore deserves popularization. The product can be simply folded into a stand
By detailed discussion of package scale, package scale with features likepackage scale is designed. The product protects the phone against dust and dirt
The product is easily recognized with the logo front, helping consumers remember the item next time they are shopping and pick it up again. Its materials such as mesh fabric, lace, and canvas can be customized according to needs
Branding elements on this product help consumers instantly recognize goods on shelves and in advertising. It plays a large role in how the good is marketed. It is lightweight and slips easily into pockets without dragging down
The product provides desirable protection and makes the item easy to use and store. It reminds users when and where to repurchase, reinforcing consumers' expectations. The product has plenty of space for smartphones and 3-4 credit or ID cards
The product ensures that the item quality is not hampered while it is being shipped or delivered to consumers. It appeals to them with the top-quality presentation. Its construction is strong enough to protect the mobile phone screen
Customer service information will appear on this product, as a way to give consumers a way to contact companies and provide feedback or ask questions. The product is 100% handmade with an elegant looking
The product takes on a significant role as the key vehicle for communicating the brand positioning. It provides consumers with the right clues. Its humanized design makes users feel comfortable to grip
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