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Máquina de control de peso de calidad 100% al por mayor

Máquina de control de peso de calidad 100% al por mayor

Máquina de control de peso de calidad 100% al por mayor

L / C, T / T
Identificar el código
Rango de balanzas
5Kg: ± 5g / 15Kg: ± 10g / 30Kg: ± 20g
Máxima velocidad
30 piezas
Requisitos de energía
220V / 600W / 50 / 60Hz
Dimensión de embalaje (mm)
1650 (largo) × 1150 (ancho) × 1390 (alto)
Método de rechazo
Empujador neumatico
Max cinturón velocidad
35m / min
Ancho del cinturón
500 mm
Tamaño de la correa
860 (largo) * 500 (ancho) milímetro
Correo electrónico:
Material de: Acero inoxidable 304
Proceso de dar un título: CE, OIML, SGS
Disponibilidad: OEM / ODM
el tiempo de entrega: 7-30días
Puerto de inicio: puerto de zhongshan
Capacidad de suministro: 800 juegos / año

La báscula clasificadora JW-C30000 mueve los productos a través de cintas transportadoras y rodillos. Tiene las características de amplio rango de inspección, peso máximo de inspección de 30 kg, amplio rango de pesaje, alta precisión y alta velocidad. Esta máquina es ampliamente utilizada para pesar bolsas de papel a granel, bolsas de plástico, cartones, empaques de película metálica y otros productos de empaque rígido.

Características del producto

Máquina de control de peso de calidad 100% al por mayor-1
El peso de control más alto puede hasta 30 kg, condiciones de trabajo estables, alta velocidad y precisión, productos no calificados rechazados automáticamente.

Carácter mecánico   

Máquina de control de peso de calidad 100% al por mayor-2
Gran rango de pesaje, cinta transportadora y de rodillos


Máquina de control de peso de calidad 100% al por mayor-3

Se utiliza para comprobar envases flexibles y productos de envases rígidos, como envases de bolsas de papel a granel, envases de plástico, envases de cartón, envases de película metálica.

With the help of experienced craftsman, Kenwei checkweigher system is produced following the highest production standards.
Strictly selected raw materials: Kenwei weight check machine is made from top grade raw materials which are all well-selected and then are quickly put into precision production.
Kenwei weight check machine is developed incorporating sophisticated technology and is made available to patrons at market leading prices.
Kenwei checkweigher system adopts the humanization design.
The design of Kenwei checkweigher system is aspired by the latest market trends.
The product has outstanding fatigue resistance. It can withstand cyclic working and heavy workload, which enables it to last for a long time.
The product has an accurate running function. It is designed with a precise control system that enables it to work consistently under the given instructions.
The product has good heat dissipation effect. It is built with a cooling system inside to protect the components from overheat damage.
The product has the advantage of high efficiency. It can produce more work consuming little energy and also less time.
The product has high rigidity. Its metal materials have the ability to withstand elastic deformation when applied with pressure.
The product is characterized by increased operational flexibility. It can be adapted to multiple directions to perform a wide variety of multitasking.
When people order this product for their company, they find it to work perfectly and, more importantly, they will find it to last you for a long time.
The product will remain stable throughout its lifetime. So people can enjoy its natural colors for years to come.
People can use it to make machines, electronic goods, vehicles, houses, small components and parts, or use it in other applications.
You have never seen such quality. As for touch, you feel softness and smoothness. Performance is also very high class and unmatched. It fits perfectly my bathroom - One of the purchasers says.
The product is highly resistant to temperature or sunlight. People say it can maintain the original color after washing or exposing to scorching sunlight for a long time.
The product is widely used to improve the appearance, enhance one's confidence and finally help people get many compliments from others.
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