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quality assured package scale customization

quality assured package scale customization

quality assured package scale customization
  • quality assured package scale customization
  • quality assured package scale customization
  • quality assured package scale customization

quality assured package scale customization

The production process of Kenwei multihead weigher price has been greatly improved by our professionals. They carry out a complete management system to conduct the production of the product. It comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from
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The Standard 20 heads multihead weigher has many hopper combinations and high precision. It adopts the double-link packaging machine mode, with high speed and maximum speed of 130 packages/minute. It adopts an independent main vibration machine to control the thickness of materials, which is suitable for granules such as melon seeds, peanuts, nuts, almonds, raisins, candies, puffing, hardware and so on.

product features

  • 01
    High speed mode can be used for a single material
  • 02
    The weight of the mixing can be automatically compensated by the last products
  • 03
    High accuracy and tailored load cell
  • 04
    Intelligent multi-sampling stable mode, higher accuracy
quality assured package scale customization-1
  • 04
    Intelligent alarm diagnosis
  • 05
    High speed stagger dump function
  • 07
    New Modular and CAN bus technology, more efficient and stable
  • 08
    Modbus Industry communication protocol

product characteristic

quality assured package scale customization-2
1.Upper storage funnel is divided to weight two different products
2.  Separate main vibrator,control the thickness of product independently.
quality assured package scale customization-3
3. Integral machine frame and machine cabinet contributes to more satbilty and higher accuracy.    
quality assured package scale customization-4
4.Machine frame, discharge chute with compatible design, Single discharge chute gate can change to double with twin packaging machine when just one kind of product.
quality assured package scale customization-5
5. Uniform design standards, and mould processing, contribute to better interchangeability for spare parts.    
6. Stable actuator design reduce the mechanical vibration and improves the load cell value accuracy.

Technical Specification




Identify Code


Weighing Range

20-2000g(Mixing Mode)/10-1000g(Single Mode)



Max Speed

Mixing Pruduct:65P/M(Mixing Mode)/120PM(Single Mode)

Hopper Volume


Control Panel

10.4”Touch Screen


Dimple Plate/Timing Hopper/Printer/Reject Device

Driving System

Step Motor

Power Requirement

220V/2000W/ 50/60Hz /16A

Packing Dimension(mm)


Gross Weight



quality assured package scale customization-6

 It is suitable for weighing a single material with high-speed or various mixing products, such as oatmeal, mixing nuts etc.

The offered Kenwei package scale is produced by our extraordinary experts using the best technology and unique ideas. It can be used on go-kart crutches, caps, ATV axles, and electric winches
Kenwei multihead weigher price is made from best suited inventory of raw material. It can be used under any extreme conditions
Kenwei multihead weigher price is made of high-quality materials which are strictly selected by our experienced production team based on the application requirements and the industry quality standards. Manufactured by the ISO9001 and TS16949 certified factory, its quality is guaranteed
The design of Kenwei package scale is designed by our R&D team based on an analysis of the market situation. The design is reasonable and can maximize the overall performance for a wider application. It helps reduce fuel consumption, malfunction, and damage
With its appealing design, Kenwei package scale will attract more attention than before. It can be designed to be Wet Coils, Compact Coils, Pencil Coils, etc
It is highly effective at wicking moisture to keep dry due to a combination of the material itself and the tight weave of the fabric. It comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from
It is not easy to get the ball. The product will be antistatic and soft to reduce its coefficient of friction. It is easy to replace thanks to the O.E. exact fit design
The product is not vulnerable to the damage of overload. It is built with a thermorelay to prevent the winding temperature from exceeding the rated value. This product can help to lower emissions
Reliability is one of its obvious advantages. High-performance electrical components and electrical protection systems help prevent accidents. It is a key component in the ignition system of the gasoline vehicles
The product has good heat dissipation performance. Its vents promote forward and backward airflow and keep it cool, which is good for its smooth operation. It can be designed with rubber boo
One of the product's advantage is that it has the function of tensile strength. The structure of the fabric is completely tightened and the fibers are finely woven to enhance strength. It protects the engine from corrosion, abrasion, and excessive heat
This product is indispensable now and will continue to be. It keeps serving industries around the world, bring solutions in various applications. It is engineered to original equipment specifications
The purity of the product is higher than the natural one. Certain required ingredients are extracted to meet the purpose of applications. It helps extend the lifespan of the engine
Our modern society needs huge quantities of this mineral type of product. It is vital for the manufacturing industry of all kinds. It comes with high-quality coated windings
This product is often used as the basic and essential materials in our daily life and it is vital for economic, social and technological development. It is highly resistant to temperature and heat
The product is safe to use. It is specially treated to eliminate any harmful substances to make it safe for people's health. It can be used on go-kart crutches, caps, ATV axles, and electric winches
It is widely used in the applications of electronic products, electrical engineering materials, aerospace material, and mechanical engineering. It can be used under any extreme conditions
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